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About Barbell Beasts

BarbellBeasts Powerlifters was set up by female powerlifters wanting practical, stylish clothing to lift in. We wanted to produce clothing that female lifters would feel comfortable in, with feminine cuts without being too girly. You won’t see any baby pinks or glitter tinkerbell font here.

The emphasis on the dinosaur came from one of the team collecting toy dinosaurs as a child and realising that we could use the T-rex to symbolize a lot of aspects relating to powerlifting. They’re strong, powerful, and have huge quads, and we all love a QUADZILLA. Women who squat have powerful legs and we wanted to highlight this in our logo. The pink polka dot hairband is about as girly as it gets.

We have sass, courage, inner strength, and most of all we have goals that we want to smash the shit out of, whether it be in training or on meet days.

Most people have a misconception of female lifters, getting us confused with bodybuilders or olympic lifters; they dont understand why women would want to lift. It’s for boys, girls shouldn’t be lifting. Hell to that, we have proved over the years, and more recently now that powerlifting is becoming a bigger sport, that females can do just as well as boys!!!

So rather than having to buy guys tops, or have clothing imported, we wanted a UK company selling powerlifting apparel at reasonable prices to all of the female lifters out there.

We hope you enjoy wearing them. Be a beast, a barbellbeast! To all of the Quadzillas out there-keep lifting that shit!!